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Familiarise yourself with the 5 Ps

Familiarise yourself with the 5 Ps

16 September 2019

It’s a well-known saying that Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance.

Planning and forecasting are essential oils in the well run machine that is your business. Without them, things can easily grind to a halt and go wrong; therefore, it is essential that you plan all aspects of your work.

“The 5 Ps” are not five separate points to keep in mind – this is a quick sentence that’s easy to remember – make it a daily mantra and it will improve all aspects of your business.

Let’s look at the benefits of the 5 Ps:

Expectations are managed

Planning gives all parties the chance to clarify any misunderstandings about what is expected of them.

People feel in control

Laid out plans make people feel in control. When people are in control, they have more focus. More focus generates better and quicker results.

People feel responsible

Plan who will do what. Taking responsibility for something within a growing business is a huge boost to that team member’s confidence. The more you can filter this down the line of command, the stronger your business will become.

You build a culture

Setting the planning wheels in motion across the business starts to engrain it throughout the whole business, where it becomes the norm. Eventually it just happens as part of the process, rather than being a reactive outcome of a past problem or a missed opportunity.

You forecast and anticipate problems

Possibly the biggest benefit is that it gives you the chance to see and address potential problems ahead of time, allowing you to act proactively as opposed to firefighting reactively.

You will deliver to the brief more often

Taking the above points into account, proper planning is guaranteed to generate better results as you will deliver to the brief and remit more often.

People often see planning as a boring, laborious task and come up with excuses such as “I don’t have time to plan properly.”

The answer? Make time!!

Trust us when we say that by making time for planning you will recoup this time plus many more hours that would have been lost as a result of poor – or no – planning.

Successful business owners are able to find a way to do the tough things (or find the right people to do the tough things) that they don’t like doing.

Ask yourself how many mistakes have happened in your business that, looking back now, could have been avoided if you’d planned better.