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Do your staff enjoy what they do?

Do your staff enjoy what they do?

15 June 2019

Do you enjoy what you do? In fact, do you like it so much that you lose track of time? What about the rest of your team?

A common question we find amongst businesses and team members is – what time is the right time to leave work?

To which the responses can be:

1. Are you enjoying what you do? (In other words, are you happy at work?)
2. Are you delivering to the business’ standards?

If the answer is yes to both, then the answer is irrelevant and immaterial.

For example, if someone wants to stay a few extra hours because they are working on a project they enjoy and they’re happy to work at a slightly slower pace to ensure they fully understand it, as long as they are meeting the deliverable then who is this actually hurting?

The team member – No, because they are happy.

The business – No, because they are delivering on what they are promising the end client.

We understand this is a very simplistic and idealistic way of thinking, but often problems arise when we aim to create norms that do not resonate with people.

The business owners and managers are responsible for setting out the standards they expect of team members, and it is important that they are SMART (specific, measureable, achievable and agreed, relevant and timely) wherever possible. Alongside this, you must be conscious you are not overstretching and burning out your diligent workforce. Like most things, good quality communication is key here.

Getting to know your people through regular face-to-face check ins (not just at appraisal time) is vital to ensuring you are triggered to notice changes in team members’ body language, motivation, confidence and pressure. If you feel there is a problem and you’re not totally sure of the next steps, it is worthwhile considering taking further HR advice to protect yourself and the business.

All of this needs to be put into context but, generally, a happy worker is the most productive.

Bear this in mind and hone in on these two questions when there is a difference between start and leave times within your team.