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Are you comparing yourself fairly?

Are you comparing yourself fairly?

8 May 2019

The world is full of opportunities for comparison – and these days, social media allows you to compare so many things in an instant.

However, this means that often, people and businesses compare themselves against competitors in a way that is just completely unfair on them.

Everyone and every business is unique, so there can never be a direct like-for-like comparison, and while aspiring to achieve and emulate is an important component of success, comparisons often have an ugly side.

They can make you feel inferior – often unnecessarily so, and we sometimes see an abundance of ridiculously extreme comparisons that do more harm than good.

So when you are next comparing yourself to someone, or sizing up your own business against another, stop and ask yourself, am I being truly fair here?

Often you will compare yourself to people and businesses who have characteristics completely different to yours. Whilst it’s good to respect them for that, you may find that you don’t give a second thought to your own great characteristics and the qualities that make you and your business unique. So while it is worth aspiring, keep a more objective balance, and don’t lose touch with the things that make you and your business great.

Part of the work we do here at Nordens Strategic is to help cherry-pick the areas that will be best for your business to develop, while staying aligned to your ultimate beliefs and values. So, if you feel you are falling into the comparison trap, let’s add it to the agenda for our next catch-up chat, and see how we can work together to achieve a more comfortable balance. If you don’t have a catch-up booked with us or you’re interested in finding out more about our strategic services, click the link below.