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How honest are you being?

How honest are you being?

18 February 2019

A few words of advice from Steven…

Since I joined the Strategic Department here at Nordens, I have engaged more and more with the world of business and formed many strong connections; one of the reasons why these connections are so robust is down to me being open and honest with people.

Being open and honest is a huge ingredient for your success. (How you measure success is down to you and must form part of your main objective.)

From what I have found in business (or life in general), being open and honest can come with its tribulations; sometimes it can offend or spark debate – or even lead to moments of silence between those involved.

Debate prompts change and change can turn into new innovation, and all this is possible if you are upfront from the start. Without debate you may miss out on opportunities, stagnate or forget to challenge the industry, so why not be open and honest if you are (at the end of the day) all pushing towards the same goal?

The Strategic Department allows me to be more involved my clients’ business worlds, supporting and delivering praise to them when deserved, and hard truths when required. I have been party to new ideas, some good and some not so good, and have scrutinised plans and encouraged others toward success.

For me, the relationship between client to advisor, partner to partner, director to staff or visa versa must include ‘openness and honesty.’ If it does, you are ten steps ahead of the game already.